By Tiffaney Halliburton

Ever wonder how they come up with that magical 4 digit number on your report card? Well, it’s not magic, and it’s not something that your guidance counselor just makes up because he or she does or does not like you. Each letter grade that you receive is assigned a point value (listed below). After you add up all of the points from your grades, you then divide the sum of the points by the number of classes you have to obtain an average number. That average number is your GPA. For example, if you have 5 classes,

Kids Numbers Representing Numeracy And Education

and you earn 2 “A’s,” 1 “B”, 2 “C’s” and 1 “F,” your GPA would be 2.600. Sure you did well in most of your classes, but do you see how one really low grade and a couple of average grades can affect your GPA? When it comes to your GPA, everything matters!!! All grades matter; all classes matter; all assignments matter; and ALL TESTS/QUIZZES DEFINITELY MATTER.

There are some classes like Art or Physical Education that do not require as much study time as let’s say, Physical Science or Math II, but you should still strive to do well in those classes. Those classes, also known as electives, should help your GPA, not hurt it! You need A’s in your elective courses to balance out your other grades. If you struggle in your core classes, you should always be able to count on your grades from the elective courses to “pad” your GPA. So the next time you’re in class and you think it’s okay to skip an assignment, or you neglect to study for a test – remember that your decision will have an immediate impact on your grade, and could significantly change your GPA. Take time to calculate your GPA so that you are not surprised when you receive your report card. Work hard in school because your GPA really does matter.

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