From the desk of the Assistant Pastor:

May 8th is Mother’s Day! A day in which Ann Jarvis established so that individuals would honor their mothers. In 1914 President Woodrow Wilson decreed that the second Sunday in May in the US a the official National Mother’s Day. But many don’t realize that the same one who established Mother’s Day also in 1943 tried to get it rescinded. Why? Because people still did not embrace the concept. In 1908 Ann Jarvis vowed that those holiday should not become a pluralistic “Mothers’ Day”, (placing the apostrophe behind the (s)), on which we’d all honor all mothers, but always remain “Mother’s Day”, on which each of us would honor only OUR OWN MOTHERS.

She became upset because merchants gained from it….making flowers, etc. more expensive. She even led a few boycotts to stop other activities that “took away” from it’s original purpose.

God has commanded all to ” Honor Your Mother….”. This is God’s Law! Buying flowers, hats, and taking her out to dinner is nice. But what have you done for her the other 364 days in the year? Were you there when she needed you? When was the last time you told her “I Love You?” To honor means to ” respect highly, give high regard; to esteem…and this should be ongoing, not occasionally. Even if you no longer have your mother with you, you can esteem her cheris and honor those memories of yesteryear.

Happy Mother’s Day to All from the Original Glorious Church Pastoral Staff

Dr. Bernita Wright
Assistant Pastor/Church Administrator

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