During the Year of our Lord 1952, Bishop I.W. Hamiter and his family were living in Akron, Ohio. After listening to the voice of God , Bishop Hamiter moved his family to Columbus, Ohio. While searching for a place of worship where believers in Christ could assemble themselves to worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth, he found a humble store-front at 444 Mt. Vernon Avenue. During this time, there were three adults and two children to have service in this establishment. Bishop Hamiter was not discouraged because he believed the Lord when He said that He would add to the church. He had faith that his prayers would be answered.

Shortly after that he was led to look at a building that was available to rent at 1125 St. Clair Avenue. The Lord continued to bless As he later purchased a lot at 786 Mulberry Street where he began to build a place of worship. He worked laboriously, doing 90 percent of the work himself. Cheerfully they worked, believing the Lord would supply their needs. They labored night and day until the building was finished. It was a wonderful, happy, glorious, occasion when the first service was held during the fall of 1956. After one year in the new church the membership had doubled. Under the capable leadership of Bishop Hamiter through much prayer and fasting, the Lord continued to save and add to the church. A choir and other auxiliaries were formed. Four years later the membership had increased to about 60 members. This building was later sold and the church building at 524 East Long Street was purchased. In January, 1961, the members moved into this building and remained there for fourteen years. Many souls were saved, bodies healed and backsliders were reclaimed. The membership grew to over 100. We later moved into a temporary place of worship on the corner of Leonard and Taylor Avenue. After staying there awhile, the Lord led Bishop Hamiter to look at a building at 886 Sunbury Road which was formerly a school. Bishop Hamiter saw great potential . His search for a place of worship was over. The property was purchased and the mortgage was paid off in three years.

Former Assistant Pastors that served under Bishop Hamiter include the late Mother Florence Chisholm, the late Evangelist Susie Smith, Bishop John Pace, Bishop George Steele, Sr., Bishop Gregory Fly, and the late Evangelist Thelma Floyd.

Bishop Hamiter remained pastor of the Original Glorious Church in Columbus, Ohio until his death in 1985. The mantle was soon passed to Bishop George Steele,Sr . On May 1, 1985, he and several saints transferred from the Original Glorious Church in Chillicothe, Ohio where he served as pastor for 21 years, to The Original Glorious Church 886 Sunbury Road.  Evangelist Thelma Floyd and Evangelist Olivia Hamiter served as Assistant Pastors under Bishop Steele’s Tenure.

In July 1987, the church purchased property under the direction of the Holy Ghost and moved to our beautiful edifice at 2030 Joyce Avenue. During Bishop Steele’s administration the church has grown and God has prospered us with Apostolic Abundance. Many souls have been saved, healed and delivered. On May 16, 2004, God enabled us to burn the mortgage to the church!

In 2004 Bishop Steele retired as pastor due to failing health.  Evangelist Olivia Hamiter was then appointed pastor and Dr Bernita Wright Assistant Pastor. The Original Glorious 2030 Joyce has been and continues to be a” Beacon of Light” to many in the city of Columbus, Ohio and to the nation.