Praise Team: Comprised of Worshippers who ushers in the Presence of The Lord and lead the congregation into Praise and Worship

Outreach Dept: Ministers to young troubled women in YWCA and other facilities; who need teaching and training in Biblical Truths

Prayer Team: Intercessory Pray-ers who make home visits to the sick and shut-ins, nursing homes, etc; Encourages prayer activities throughout the congregation

Missionary Department: Supports both local and Global Missions in Haiti, India, & Jamaica; Help those in need and fulfill the Great Commission according to the Word of God

YPWW Dept: Young People’s Willing Worker’s – comprised of young people who are actively involved in the church and in their community; all activities are designed for youth of all ages

Sunday School Dept. (Christian Education) – Bible Teaching for all ages that holds various programs, VBS, throughout the year reaching out to our community

Brotherhood Dept. : Men and boys bond together with activities exclusively for men to learn how to be leaders in their homes, in the church; Deal with Men Issues and have a support group

Pastor’s Aide: An Auxiliary that focus on the Welfare of the Pastoral Staff and attend to their needs

Usher Board: Welcome guests and member into the House of God; escorts, and serves the congregation; keep order during services, etc.

Nurses Guild: Auxiliary with trained nursing assistants that serves the church and responds to medical emergencies

Zion Women’s Group: Comprised of Women 50 and older who do outreach to families in need, Mentor young women, help with the beautification of the church, and serves as a support group for one another

Hospitality Committee: Greet visitors and guests with a smile and polite spirit; follow -up with visitors; distributes Welcome packages in order to gather demographic contact information

ABC Children’s Choir: Supervised children who sing and are trained in Praise and worship; visit nursing homes, shut-ins, etc…parental participation is encouraged.

Shekinah Interpretive Praisers: According to Jeremiah 31:4 worships the Lord through hand movement and choreographic works in order to bring forth the knowledge and understanding of a song or music expressing who God is.

Ministerial Alliance: Comprised of Evangelists, Ministers, and Missionaries that receive extended training that will enhance Ministry on all levels in order to help them reach their full potentials and New Dimensions

W.E.A.P.O.N Team: Working Evangelists and Preacher’s Outreach Network – ministries that have come together as one group to become a Deliverance Team that conducts Revivals, Crusades; Trained in Evangelism and Spiritual Warfare.

Music Department: Provide anointed Prophetic Music under the leadership of Skilled Musicians

Media Department: Audi0-Visual Team records each service ; responsible for operating cameras, projectors, etc. Make
Duplicate and Distribute DVD’S , CD’S, for purchase

*Adjutant (Armourbear) : Serves and Assists the Pastor and Assistant Pastor during Ministry; covers them in prayer at all times….others are assigned to guest Ministers

Kitchen Committee: Dedicated men and women who are responsible for the supplies, upkeep and beautification of our dining and kitchen area; oversees the decoration of special events; comprised of our main food planners, cooks, and servers